Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to everyone! 

My new years resolutions this year are:

1) To budget more. Now I have a permanent job, I am going to try and budget so that I can actually save!

2) To blog more. I only started this blog at the end of the last year, and so lots of work needs to be done. I would like to write more reviews, maybe do some giveaways, complete my reading challenges, and hopefully meet some fellow bloggers! I am going to try and get better at commenting too. 

3) To photograph more. I have always enjoyed taking photos, but in the past couple of months my camera has sort of fallen in the wayside. I would like to take more photos, even just for the practice. Maybe I will start sharing them with you? 

What are your new years resolutions? I hope everyone had a fantastic start to 2013, and may it carry on throughout the year! 🙂