Goodreads Choice Awards 2012:SemiFinals

The Goodreads Choice Awards 2012 are the only major book awards decided by readers. I thought I would share my semifinal votes with you.

Best Fiction

I voted for Matthew Dick’s ‘Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend‘. Mainly because this is the only book I have read fully out of the whole selection! However I did really enjoy this book. The concept was quite interesting, and I enjoyed the perspective. There was also some mystery and suspense which I wasn’t expecting.

Goodreads Author

I have read a couple of books from this selection, but I chose Lauren Oliver’s ‘Pandemonium‘. Just because her novels were one of the first dystopian series I read, so I thank her for introducing me to the genre.

Young Adult Fiction

I chose ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green for this category. I have to confess that I actually haven’t read many of this selection, though lots of them are on my to-read list. I felt I couldn’t really chose a book I hadn’t read, so my choice was limited. I did really enjoy this book, though all teenagers-with-cancer characters do seem to merge together.

Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy

I think this was the hardest category for me, as there are so many good books here! I eventually went for ‘The Rise of Nine‘ by Pittacus Lore. The third book in the series (check out my review here) and I still can’t wait for the next one! Hence my reason for picking this above the others.

The Goodreads Semi Finals close today, and hopefully the readers have made the right choices! I’ll probably do another post for the finalists.

2 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Awards 2012:SemiFinals

  1. Great article and didn’t realise GoodReads did this.

    I joined GoodReads but have yet to get to grips with it…. Any tips to get me going.

    I am an Indie Author myself looking to find a path through this tangled maze of online eBook Publishing and looking for reviews. I am on my second thriller book “The Black Venus” (2012 Amazon)… As well as my blog I have a website

    Good luck with the books …

    • Hello, Thank you for your comment 🙂
      I use Goodreads to keep track of books! You basically have three shelves; read, to-read and currently reading (though you can add more if you wish). So I can rate books that I’ve read, and mark books I’m interested in. My to-read shelf currently has 571 books, and grows daily. You can also connect with people and share recommendations, and see what your friends are reading. Goodreads also has a giveaways section, so as an author you could give away a copy/copies of your book, so that people can rate it and spread the word. My main tip would be to set up a good profile, and explore! There are many ways to make connections with people, and this will help spread the work about your books.

      I hope this helps 🙂

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