Film Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World‘ takes place 21 days before the end of the world, due to an asteroid about to hit the earth. This really intrigued me, as I’ve always wondered what I would do if I knew the world was going to end. Steve Carell plays Dodge, a man with a depressing life. His girlfriend breaks up with him, and he continues to go to work.

Until Keira Knightley shows up crying outside his window that is. I have to say I have never been the biggest fan of Keira’s work, but she was such a wimp in this film! She is crying because she missed the last plane ever, so cannot make it back to England to see her family. Dodge invites her in, and she seemingly then takes over his entire life.

It conspires that they live in the same building, and Penny (Keira) has been hoarding Dodge’s mail if it got delivered incorrectly. She reunites it with him, and he discovers a letter from his high school sweetheart. In her guilt, Penny then takes them on a roadtrip to ¬†find this girlfriend before the world ends.

When this film was released in the cinema I thought it looked quite quirky, and I presumed Steve Carell would be funny. Although there was nothing really awful about the film, I just kinda felt like I could have survived without it. There is a really bad moment where they appear to fall in love; this is creepy as he is plenty old enough to be her father, and Keira is very immature in the film. She appears to have a studenty, indie persona, but it just turns a bit annoying, if I’m honest.

There wasn’t a moment in the film that really made me laugh or cry, it just kind of happened. I’ve given it 5 stars, but it was a pretty drab film. Not one to waste your last moments on, that’s for sure!

Have you seen ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World?’ Do you agree/disagree with my verdict? Is there a Keira Knightley film out there that is not cringeworthy?¬†