Happy National Non-fiction day!

Happy Non-fiction day! This is an annual celebration, initiated by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups in partnership with Scholastic Children’s Books. I think although stories are fantastic, non-fiction is an important part of reading, especially for children.

Unfortunately I have only been reading fiction lately, but I thought I would show you some non-fiction that are waiting on my to be read pile!


Quite a range I know! I’m quite naughty in that Chris Hoy‘s autobiography actually has a bookmark sticking out; I started it last year in preparation for the Olympics but it got put on the backburner for books that looked more exciting!

I think my selection shows that non-fiction does not have to be simply about facts. It can tell the story of someone’s life, whether it be sportsman, celebrity, tv presenter or ordinary police officer. It can also be useful, as in my travel guidebook. Luckily I’m not going till next year so I have a while yet to read on the best places! Finally, I thought I had to take home the Amazon book, as I use it quite a lot and thought it would be interesting to know how it all started.

All the books above are library books; it just shows you what a selection is out there. Next time you visit a bookshop or a library, try and take home a non-fiction book. There is something out there for everyone!