Book Review: Alchemy of Forever

After spending six hundred years on Earth, Seraphina Ames has seen it all. Eternal life provides her with the world’s riches but at a very high price: innocent lives. Centuries ago, her boyfriend, Cyrus, discovered a method of alchemy that allows them to take the bodies of other humans from jumping from one vessel to the next, ending the human’s life in the process. No longer able to bear the guilt of what she’s done, Sera escapes from Cyrus and vows to never kill again. Then sixteen-year old Kailey Morgan gets into a horrific car accident right in front of her, and Sera accidentally takes over her body while trying to save her. For the first time, Sera finds herself enjoying the life of the person she’s inhabiting–and falling in love with the boy who lives next door. But Cyrus will stop at nothing until she’s his again, and every moment she stays, she’s putting herself and the people she’s grown to care about in danger. Will Sera have to give up the one thing that’s eluded her for centuries: true love?”

The Alchemy of Forever‘ by Avery Williams is quite a short novel. I’ve been putting it off for ages because I thought it wouldn’t provide the character depth in such a short space of time. However, I was wrong.

The book is told from Sera’s perspective as she escapes from the clan and tries to integrate herself into normal teenage life; someone else’s life. Although parts of the novel are fantasy, there are many parallels with real life. Such as her living a claustrophobic life thanks to her boyfriend, Cyrus.  He picks her next body to transfer into based on looks, controls her money and friends, and pretty much her entire life.

It’s hard to review this book without giving too much away! There are a couple of surprises and twists in the novel which kept my attention, and a brilliant ending! I didn’t realise the books was intended to be part of a series, so the cliffhanger ending really shocked me. It is easy to be captured by Sera’s emotions, and I can’t wait for the next book! ‘The Impossibility of Tomorrow’ is due Summer 2013, and is already on my want list!

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