Letterbox Love #2

Letterbox Love is a meme hosted by Lynsey of Narratively Speaking whereby book lovers can exhibit the books they received this week.

The Casual Vacancy

Eleanor & Park

Only one library book to take home this week, which is most unusual! ‘The Casual Vacancy‘ by J.K. Rowling is her first adult novel. I’ve got to be honest, I was unsure about it and put off ordering it, but everyone was talking about it so I jumped on the bandwagon! Stay tuned for my review to see how it turns out.

I also received my first review book this week, from the lovely people at St Michael’s Press via Netgalley. ‘Eleanor and Park‘ by Rainbow Rowell (what an amazing name) is a book I have been eager to read ever since I picked up her first novel earlier this year. ‘Attachments‘ featured an IT man who eavesdropped on his colleague’s emails back when the Internet was a new revolution. The quirky layout of the book really made me fall in love with the characters, and I am intrigued to see what this book will bring.

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